Dirty Little Secrets

If you want to see all the "Dirty Little Secrets" I suggest you look at http://www.conspiracy-gov.com. I can't even tell you how many cherished notions I had about the United States that have been burst by the runaway freight train we call our government.

Taking Liberty

Taking Liberties [1:41:05]

Don't even think about reading the Patriot Act!

People in Power

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Bush Family Fortunes (2004) [1:11:17]
Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney [42:58]
Frontline: Dick Cheney, Dark Side
CHENEY, DARK SIDE Part 01 [10:00] | Part 02, Part 03, Part 04, Part 05, Part 06, Part 07, Part 08, Part 09

Propaganda | Truth in Journalism | or is the issue even reported?

Collective memory | Historical Memories
Noam Chomsky: Who Controls the Message? (11/26/10) [1:29:58]

The "Good" War or The Living Dead


world-according-to-monsanto corporation
The World According to Monsanto [1:49:02] The Corporation [2:24:04]

Peak Oil

Web site: http://oilsmokeandmirrors.com/


Oil Smoke and Mirrors [1:53:16]

James Howard Kunstler: Peak Oil and Our Financial Decline (01/18/11) [36:38]

Bio Terrorism

Anthrax War
Anthrax War Part 1 [9:58], Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Poison DUst: Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium Home and Abroad [1:24:04]

beyond-treason no-end-in-sight
Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines
No End in Sight (2007) Part 1 [34:15], Part 2 [34:18], Part 3 [33:44]

Hijacking Catastrophe: Blueprint for Empire Part 1 [10:00 ], Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
The Whole Truth About the Iraq War Part 1 [23:32], Part 2 [32:27]

Note: for more videos on Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq see John Pilger, Greg Palast, & Noam Chomsky on the Whistle Blowers, Heros menu

Zionism - Judaism - Palestine

Tragedy in the Gaza Strip [6:03]
The Zionist Story. [l=1:14:56]
Israeli Myths & Propaganda. Ilan Pappe [1:06:05]
Ilan Pappé - Gaza in Crisis [1:02:17]

Noam Chomsky on Palestine Israel [55:35]


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Chavez: Inside the Coup [1:14:32]

The War On Democracy by John Pilger (12/16/10) [1:33:37]


Pakistan Is The Next Big Target [25:55]

Interview - Fatima Bhutto - Pakistan: Songs of Blood and Sword (01/14/11) [39:43]

More Current 911 Documentaries

102 Minutes That Changed America (2008) [1:59:54]

Conspiracys | 911 |

YACT... Yet Another Conspiracy Theory... but, why are people in ties destroying the 911 crime scene at the Pentagon??
painful-deceptions 911-inside-job
Painful Deceptions (2005) [1:23:44] 911 The Ripple Effect [1:36:16]
just vaporized hutchison-effect
WTC Steel Column Spire Turns to Dust on 9/11 | CNN News : 24 The Hutchison Effect - Iron Bar Warping (Recent Experiment) [2:11]


The following videos are from National Geographics. They are quite benign.

NG: Specials: The FBI (Overview) [56:03]


UFOTV Presents: Drug Lords - The CIA, The Mob and America's [54:46]

secrets-of-the-CIA chip-tatum-chronicled
CIA Agents Reveal "Secrets of the CIA" [1:00:06] Ex-CIA Assassin Gene "Chip" Tatum Chronicled [1:22:30]


DOD | Arms Dealers


Inside Story - Deadly industry - 28 April 09 [22:59]

If you need more "Dirty Little Secrets" videos look under the "CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD" menu on the http://www.conspiracy-gov.com web site.

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