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You have to see Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers below. Also see the sub menus:
Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
WikiLeak and Bradley Manning

What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire (2007) [2:03:43]
Web site: http://www.whatawaytogomovie.com/

The Dollar Bubble (11/23/09) [30:26]
Meltup (05/13/10) [54:37]
The End Of Liberty [1:14:06]
College Conspiracy (05/14/11) [1:02:11]


queen-raniaQueen Rania (Head of State, mother, author, speaker)

I just ran across these videos on Queen Rania of Jordan, they are great. We should have more Heads-of-State that are as articulate as her. Her speech (third video down) on the Israelian/Palestinian conflict is right on.
Web site: http://www.queenrania.jo/

Queen Rania responds [l=3:23]
Queen Rania in "The Situation Room" [l=5:46]
A Conversation With Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan [l=42:25] Note: you can skip the first 5 minutes of introduction.

Heroes - Whistle Blowers

john-perkinsJohn Perkins (retired EHM, author, speaker)

Web site: http://www.johnperkins.org/
Web site: http://www.dreamchange.org/

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man [g=9,v=7,a=8,l=53:35]
The Secret History of the American Empire [g=9,v=7,a=8,l=28:02]
John Perkins on Globalization [g=10,v=10,a=10,l=52:00]
Talk - John Perkins - Our Current World Crisis (04/08/11) [1:24:49]

john-pilgerJohn Pilger (Journalist, author, speaker)

Web site: http://www.johnpilger.com/
Web site: http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/johnpilger

The War You Don't See - part 1, part 2
Cambodia: Return to Year Zero [51:21]
Death of a Nation - East Temor [1:14:37]
Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror - Afghanistan [51:06]
The Invisible Government Part 1 (09/29/07) [10:04], Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
The War On Democracy - Guatemala  (12/16/10) [1:33:37]
Obama and Empire (07/04/09) [32:27]
The New Rulers of the World - Corporatocracy & Indonesia [53:54]
** Some overlap with the above videos, but the videos below are hosted on Vimeo instead of YouTube and I thought I would give them a try - I like John Pilger's documentaries**
South America
Nicaragua: A Nation's Right To Survive [52:35 ]
Middle East
Palestine is Still the Issue [52:53]
Paying the Price Killing the Children of Iraq [1:15:05 ]
Indian Ocean
Stealing a Nation, Diego Garcia [ 56:30]
South East Asia
Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror - Afghanistan [51:57]
Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny [26:19 ]
Do You Remember Vietnam (1978) [52:29 ]
To Know Us is to Love Us (Vietnese in US) [27:01 ]
Vietnam: The Last Battle [51:01 ]
Year Zero: The Silent Death Of Cambodia [52:13 ]
Cambodia: Year One [52:29 ]
Cambodia: Year Ten [52:01 ]
Cambodia: The Betrayal [51:02 ]
Malaysia, East Timor
Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny [56:19 ]
Death of a Nation: The East Timor Conspiracy [1:16:30]
South Africa
Apartheid Did Not Die - South Africa [51:13 ]
Zap! The Weapon is Food [25:31 ]
Flying the Flag, Arming the World, British and US [50:42 ]
Mr Nixon's Secret Legacy - Counter Force (1975) [26:54]

daniel ellsbergDaniel Ellsberg(Activist, author, speaker)

Web site: http://www.ellsberg.net
Pentagon Papers: http://www.archives.gov/research/pentagon-papers/

Woody Harrelson discusses "The Most Dangerous Man in America" [4:17]
The Most Dangerous Man In America, Part 1 [43:25], Part 2 [43:25]
Daniel Ellsberg, "The Most Dangerous Man in America" [59:05]

Have you ever wanted to hear one of the secret Nixon Whitehouse tapes, here is a telephone conversation (no video) between Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Very inspiring. Now I can see why they were so secret: Kissinger.  Heck, my goldfish have more intelligent conversations.

dahlia-wasfiDahlia Wasfi (Doctor, Activist, author, speaker)

Web site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Dahlia-Wasfi/156811358987
Web site:
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation (06/30/07) [16:17]
Ron Paul - Let Me Get This Right (12/11/08) [6:28]
Rachel Corrie, American hero: Dahlia Wasfi, M.D. (05/06/08) [9:07]
Israel-Firsters The Greatest Danger (12/03/09) [9:58]

Truth hurts, Lies kill. Real truth behind the phony wars by Dr. Dahlia wasfi [3:56]

mike-ruppertMichael Ruppert (retired policeman, author, speaker)

Web site: http://www.collapsenet.com/
Web site: http://www.fromthewilderness.com/
Web site: http://www.mikeruppert.blogspot.com/

The Truth And Lies Of 911 - Michael Ruppert (2004) [2:23:59]
Collapse by Michael Ruppert [1:33:20]
Prophets of Doom We are facing many serious issue all at once History Channel [1:30:00]

pdf-iconCrossingTheRubicon.pdf  ...read this crude copy then please buy the book.

webster-tarpleyWebster Tarpley (author, speaker, historian)

Web site: http://tarpley.net/

Webster Tarpley: Gulino Interview [l=58:39]
Webster Tarpley: Facing the Truth about 9/11 - Part2 [l=1:29:38]
Tarpley : US and the geopolitical situation in the World : 2007 [1:03:21]
Tarpley: Connect The Dots, Recent Events A Warning To New Congress [1:08:10]
Webster Tarpley: The men behind Barack Obama part 1 , part 2
Webster Tarpley: the geopolitical goals of the Anglo-American Empire in Afghanistan Pakistan Iran
Peak Oil Fraud by Webster Tarpley [28:17]

edward-griffinEdward Griffin (researcher, author, speaker, historian)

Web site: http://www.realityzone.com
Web site: http://www.freedom-force.org/

G. Edward Griffin on Banking, the Economy, & U.S. Government Debt [l= 37:10]
Creature From Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve [l=42:16]
Creature From Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve [l=1:11:13]

naomi-wolfNaomi Wolf (writer, speaker)

Web site: http://americanfreedomcampaign.com/
Web site: http://naomiwolf.org/
Web site: http://front.moveon.org/

Interview - Naomi Wolf - The End of America [l=29:36]
"The End of America" Full Length HQ Film (03/09/11) [1:13:43]

greg-palastGreg Palast (Investigative reporter)

Web site: http://www.gregpalast.com/

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Bush Family Fortunes (2004) [1:11:17]
Vultures In Liberia
Vultures In Liberia (03/09/10) [7:29]
Greg Palast Reports- Part 2 of BBC NewsNight Vulture Bond [6:24]
Ecuador and Venezuela standing up to the United States
Ecuador- Rumble in the Jungle - Part 1 (02/14/08) [6:46], Part 2
Lets give then a chance
Greg Palast Confronts The Generalissimo of Globalization (11/30/09) [9:09]

michael scheuerMichael Scheuer (retired CIA, Author)

Book: Marching Towards Hell

Conversations With History - Michael Scheuer [55:12]
Bill Maher interviews Michael Scheuer [7:05 ]
Micheal Scheuer, Former CIA Analyst schools CNN host [6:42]

susan-lindauerSusan Lindauer (retired CIA, Author)

Book: Extreme Prejudice

Susan Lindauer - Intel Agent On The Patriot Act, CIA Coverup Of 9-11 & Iraq Part 1 [38:46], Part 2 [38:16]
Susan Lindauer, Extreme Prejudice-The Autograph (06/22/2011) Part 1, Part2 [10:58]
Illegal War In Libya Is CIA Run, Whistleblower Susan Lindauer [30:03]

ray-mcgovernRay McGovern (retired CIA)

Web site:

Ray McGovern on the Corruption of U.S Intelligence [l=52:33]
Interview - Ray McGovern - Obama, Afghanistan and Iraq [l=28:49]

eustace mullinEustace Mullins (author, speaker, historian)

Web site:

Eustace Mullins - The Magical Money Machine [l=48:08]
Eustace Mullins - The New World Order [l=58:20]
Eustace Mullins - The New World Order & Federal Reserve Bank [l=1:45:03]
An Interview with Eustace Mullins [l=1:37:48]

ted-guntherTed Gunther (retired FBI, author, speaker)

Web site: http://www.tedgunderson.net

America in Crisis: Child Abuse and Molestation Exposed [l=1:58:27]
The Frankin Coverup: Conspiracy Of Silence(Banned Discovery Channel)[l=59:53]
The Franklin Scandal-Johnny Gosch [l=9:36]

ted-guntherNoam Chomsky (considered one of the greatest minds of the 20th century)

To see a lot of interviews with Noam Chomsky or

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent (1992) [50:22]
Noam Chomsky: Rebel without a Pause (2003) [1:13:37]
Noam Chomsky on Palestine Israel [55:35]
Noam Chomsky: How Climate Change Became a 'Liberal Hoax' (01/24/11) [21:50]


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